The 10 thousand show into a SKU of the company is using B2B to kill the backward agents in

looking for steel mesh, looking for a representative of the vertical B2B platform plastic network since 2015 began to attract a lot of capital into, almost every vertical industry in the Internet to seek change.

why early information portal downfallen? And B2C service mode of individual consumers are not the same, B2B trading service users that buyers who belong to different industries, trade barriers between natural existence, cross domain buyers are no stickiness to the door, the final result is to make the trading platform more vertical B2B.


in the exhibition industry, empathy.

in the past, a large number of small and medium enterprises trading through MICE (general meetings, incentives, activities, exhibitions, so early) completed, the B2B service in the exhibition industry, we are keen to do portal and information Alibaba,, China exhibition of this kind of portal platform, by selling advertising earned a lot of money. But according to the exhibition network ( founder Zhao Yang said, "the information platform is out of date, most died. Networking 2 times, the market demand has been forced to upgrade the business model."

Zhao Yang has four Internet Co responsible for marketing, general manager of Southern China District years, he is aware of the exhibition industry "big enough market space, on the other hand, the domestic exhibition industry service efficiency is very low. The second half of 2014, he left and founded the exhibition business platform development network.

Zhao Yang, in the office of the Nanshan District Science Park in Shenzhen, told me that the exhibition is a typical "1 to 9" economy. In other words, the exhibition every 1 dollars worth of money, will be the venue of the 9 dollars in revenue, stimulating the role of regional economy and consumption is very obvious." As an important channel for the promotion and trading of small and medium enterprises, the country has held 9283 different types of exhibitions in 2015 alone, nearly 10000 yuan of direct output value of nearly $400 billion.

though the industry is mature enough, but the service mechanism is very backward, cheat show (fake famous exhibitions, exhibition exhibition cheat fee) near (in the vicinity, famous exhibition places without authorization to start small scale exhibition organizers meet the eye everywhere). Zhao Yang is well aware of the pit and pain points in the industry:

is the first decision is difficult, low communication efficiency. In a vertical information on the site, only communications, electronics, as of May 2017 did not carry out as many as 136 exhibition. For the exhibition organizers, information on how to reach potential exhibitors? Buy Baidu keyword search into the first page ranking; how to choose exhibitors? Or luck in a pile of homogenization of exhibition, or only in the face of the first page of search results in the agent list…

two is too much supply chain services, service fragmentation, fragmentation. There are third pain points

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