For the clothing store location to consider brand positioning

a lot of articles about the location of the clothing store to teach everyone should be in what kind of site selection. But did not take into account the type of clothing to choose based on the positioning. Find a good shop is a necessary condition for success, in the face of fierce competition environment, various businesses so as to find an exhaust all the skills, the most suitable location as their own shops, clothing store is to be chosen according to many aspects.

to the location according to the brand positioning, how do you join the high-end brand, then you should also store location in large shopping malls or bustling commercial street, and in an unknown to the public street, there is a door Luo bird phenomenon. Such as joining the low-end brands, these brands are often small profits and quick turnover, the store’s address to be selected in a more popular street, surrounded by large communities and commercial areas.

divided according to the types of clothing, if your business is the best choice for men, the address of the shop in the business district and more prominent position, because fewer men around, so it is very difficult to "discover" your shop, and your business is women, you can also choose to shop in a long narrow alley? The rent is cheap and the chance of discovery is great. Such as children’s wear business and clothing store should be pregnant baby, address in the vicinity of kindergarten and children’s hospital.

divided according to the style of clothing, if is the trend of avant-garde clothing, then it must be a bustling commercial district. If you dress in your home, you don’t have to pay a high rent in a busy business street.


select the address when the size of space also need to observe the store, different space to give consumers a different feeling, affect the purchase intention. If a store feels very cramped, it makes people feel very depressed, not only refers to the area of space, but also refers to the height. A relatively low room high also gives people a feeling of depression.

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