Chen Xiaoming to take special promotions to shop business fire


is a business person, if for various retail prices, should know the super narrow do when the price is very low, the real profit is zero. In Guangdong province in the city of Dongguan Ping Industrial Zone, Chen Xiaoming runs a small shop selling department stores. He is going to sell the shop because of bad business. That day, Chen Xiaoming came to the city’s largest supermarket, supermarkets are found to engage in promotional activities, the northeast rice actually sold only 1.36 yuan / kg. Chen Xiaoming knew that the rice purchase price is the price, that is to say, the supermarket sell this rice is zero profit.

The operation cost of

supermarket is much higher than that of ordinary small shop Look at those in panic buying rice customers, Chen Xiaoming suddenly realized: a special offer commodity not only can attract many customers, and will allow the customer to produce all the goods here are cheaper than in other parts of the illusion, and also have a desire to buy for other commodities.

went back to his shop and Chen Xiaoming moved his head. He roughly statistics all types of goods and the number of stores, and then come up with towels, socks, pure water and other 40 kinds of small commodities for special promotions. These promotional items account for about 1/20 of all goods. Then, at the door of the shop, Chen Xiaoming put up a sign that said the type and the price of the item.

results, Chen Xiaoming that day business is much better than usual, turnover increased a lot. After the implementation of this measure in the first week, the store turnover was ten times more than the previous. Although many things sold is zero profits, but from other goods sold is usually several times.

bigger surprise is still behind. Chen Xiaoming found that a good start to bring a chain effect: he sold more goods, there are more wholesalers in the goods, wholesale prices will have a greater discount. Therefore, Chen Xiaoming’s operation cost is reduced; the goods looks than other stores, will be more marketable. In this way, all the links have entered a virtuous cycle state.

most Cantonese people have the habit of eating supper. Chen Xiaoming bought more than and 10 folding table, every night in front of the store down the street, too. After 10 in the evening, he supplied all the drinks and non-staple food discount sale. Although the profit is thin, but sales growth, revenue is still very impressive. This initiative has become a new profit growth point.

then, Chen Xiaoming came up with an idea: every day at 8 in the morning to 8:30, rice vinegar sauce and seaweed, squid, cuttlefish and other discount sales, to attract local residents; 12 at noon to 12:30, some daily necessities and food sale, in order to attract the rest of the workers work at noon. He gave a name for this promotion method, called "economic half-hour", and asked people to write a big word, posted in the shop door.

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