Nora who American who have crashed unemployed if subtitles group entrepreneurship can do what

for subtitle group, by reference Crowdsourcing translation business model, or cooperation in the form of business transformation, to the regularization from gray market in. However, if a large number of subtitles group into the crowdsourcing translation market, whether it will bring some variables for crowdsourcing translation?

for a non English speaking fans, in 2014 two the most sad thing than Nora and urge all TV departments have been punished, Nora was eventually out of 260 million astronomical fines, all TV drama fans forced transformation community. With these two things as the representative of a large number of U.S. drama was off the shelf, the entire renovation, the fans a wailing sound. While the major video sites are taking advantage of this opportunity to start carefully began to try to watch the drama business, the video industry chiefs in this round of excitement.

everyone in the film the transition, the largest site Chinese subtitle translation shooter network also announced to shut down, everyone, Archer and Nora as the representative of the free opera era completely gone for ever, the rest of the various types of caption group and viewing station have also appeared in a variety of large and small, began to feel insecure. So in this round of fighting against piracy, the large and small subtitles group will go from here?

is not a new Internet plus traditional translation Crowdsourcing translation

When the

in the study of subtitle group information, Crowdsourcing the market jumped into Eric’s sight, strictly speaking this is not a new thing, as early as a few years ago, there are already many companies doing this. As early as 2008 Facebook by Crowdsourcing translation mode quickly launched a 60 language version. The Facebook website. The most recent fire KK’s book "out of control" is born through crowdsourcing model.

The so-called

Crowdsourcing translation is B end enterprise information through the form of document translation will be uploaded to the professional translation website, then the translation website will need to translate the content into a plurality of small, distributed to the platform of translators, simultaneous interpretation, and then summarize the process.

Crowdsourcing translation is a typical "Internet plus" case, he through the Internet translation concept reconstruction market business process, translation by Crowdsourcing form, which simplifies the search for translation links, and greatly enhance the timeliness of translation, translators and through the classification to to ensure the quality of translation services. A category when Crowdsourcing translation the first class is bounty Witkey website, however Witkey websites too large, so doomed in the sub categories professional is limited, then there is Crowdsourcing translation professional website, this is a mature market the inevitable result.

Although the concept of crowdsourcing

translation is not new, but the market has not been a leader in the entire enterprise. With the 2014 radio and television for the renovation of the copyright market, a large number of subtitles appeared confused positioning, as the cause of interest has been identified as illegal, for

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