Easy to enter the food and beverage O2O misunderstanding

O2O business is a very common phenomenon, especially with the current Internet industry is so developed, this business is already very common, for the food and beverage industry in O2O  entrepreneurs, investors can easily access to some misunderstanding, let’s take a look at these mistakes!

The first false

I kind of venture attitude is firmly opposed, the main reason for the following three points.

You are not the first

three, from no order to order to have the capacity of distribution is actually three stages, you focus on the hearts of the "false" excited, immediately began the construction site, negotiate business, upload menu, wait until everything is ready waiting for the moment order on-line flood, the reality is because of you the website or the public number or APP without promotion, no people no orders, this time you will experience the first stage of the small setbacks, there is no order.

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