Ren Zhiqiang account is dedicated to caring citizens

love the party is dedicated to every citizen should do, and "Ren Zhiqiang" brought about a very bad influence. Now, Ren Zhiqiang account was closed, I hope more and more people take this as a warning to do a good Chinese citizen.

"party spirit" and "people", has never been inseparable. On the media, adhere to the "party spirit" in order to have a correct position and direction, adhere to the "people" can have vitality and power, in other words, "the name of the party and the media to" listen to people’s voice is the same, but this is highly unified, the network big V Ren Zhiqiang naked apart.

Ren Zhiqiang "name of the party for the party media" remarks, shouted: "people’s government when the reform party government? Is spending the dues?" an "outstanding communist" throws like vulgar, irresponsible rhetoric, no wonder a lot of friends to stand up to Ren Zhiqiang on the lectures".

Web search slightly, dare to put rhetoric "cannons" "glorious" story really many, it can pack a few baskets. As the "outstanding communist", with about 30000000 fans of the big V network, Ren Zhiqiang will in casual shooting, with rich popularity on the network, provoke emotion, misleading the public opinion, this is the lack of sense of responsibility for the behavior of public figures, more serious error is a member of the Communist Party should not make.

previously for Party members to the basic principle of communist ideals, "the artillery" was beyond all expectations said "communism deceived him decades", knowing that is "cheat" also adhere to a "outstanding communist", which is what kind of spirit? It’s "heart like party" the body, but not honesty.

constitution has clear provisions for the obligations of Party members: "honest, to the party as", "oppose double dealing". Only the above two examples, Ren Zhiqiang did not do the basic duties of a party member.



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