How to improve the visibility of interior decoration stores

we all want to work or live in very comfortable very elegant environment, want to create such an environment, how can the exquisite jewelry, interior decoration store is the high-profile project, this is no doubt, but when it comes to how to operate is also a lot of entrepreneurs are worried about the problem, go to from this aspect, in order to introduce the scientific operation of the road below everybody’s success for you, how to improve visibility for the interior decoration store success, the go to pay attention to what


jewelry specifications

interior decoration store stores the size of the square space, height is to determine the basis of jewelry specifications. In general, the size and height of the display jewelry is proportional to the space.

jewelry color

adorn article placed around the color is to determine the basis of the color of jewelry, interior decoration store commonly used method has two kinds, one with harmonious color, another kind of matching color. Closer to the color of the display (the same color) is a harmonious color, such as red with pink, white with gray. Yellow with orange. Compared with the color of the strong points for the contrast color, such as black with white, blue with yellow, white with green, etc..

display with

furniture shape is the basis for determining the shape of jewelry. Conventional collocation is the square formula, round with round, but if used in contrast to the way the effect is more unique, such as red circle formula, horizontal vertical, complex shape with shape and so on.

ray combination

interior decoration store location light shading accessories is to determine the basis, we are usually in a good light position, display color ornaments can be dark, dark place, put bright point accessories.

no matter how large or small business business, only the choice of the mode of operation in order to have a better return, in order to get more benefits, I hope this text can help you, believe that interior decoration stores will usher in a new development, how to how to quickly get successful entrepreneurial wealth? For which you are on it is indeed, indoor decoration stores have the advantage of the project for now entrepreneurs, but business skills you have mastered


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