Wifi intelligent marketing advertising project small business can see

Internet has penetrated every aspect of our life, there will be many people in the wireless network, and many public places, even the bus also has a wireless network, the wireless network is not only easy to use, can bring enormous business opportunities, can use the wireless network marketing advertising, specifically how you can go and see.

Wifi project overview intelligent marketing project is aimed at mobile Internet businesses to create a one-stop service platform for businesses to provide marketing, for customers to use the store free WiFi service, allowing businesses to display products and services, such as wireless advertising precision advertising and marketing to provide advertising solutions, new simple and quick for businesses.

wifi marketing noun literacy: the main form of cash is WiFi advertising, refers to mobile network operators or enterprises (such as catering, tourism, hotel, hospital, subway, airport, school) by providing free Wi-Fi can receive Wi-Fi signals to the brain, intelligent mobile phone and other mobile terminal display or push advertising information; the general presentation is free Wi-Fi network users to provide businesses, will see the login page in the Internet advertising business information. For example:


2. new publicity, one-stop marketing.

Wifi smart marketing partner of the main objectives of the project is the demand for the use of mobile phone applications based on Wifi terminal services for small and medium retail, services, catering and entertainment businesses. Mobile phone users search through the Wifi signal to find businesses to provide free Wifi, IP address will automatically get connected with the signal, the user browsing a web page that first show any three hard advertising businesses, this form of advertising not only effectively expand business visibility and reputation, reducing the cost of publicity, but also can enlarge the business marketing the radius, maintain customer loyalty.

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