Sino British science and technology innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition finals ended

December 17, 2016, students from Europe and the United States will be jointly sponsored by the UK branch of science and technology, China Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Bureau to promote the development of innovative incubator Investment Limited "first" endless "in British science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship competition" (hereinafter referred to as the "British business competition") ended in Beijing. Finally, the high quality corpus platform "over easy" won the first prize; developers "revolutionary touch platform from Imperial College London touch technology" and focus on video retrieval technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences team "section detective" won the two prize; "in the section" sky "face," intelligent hardware Halugan cell preparations for the treatment of coronary heart and TICK "the detection of harmful substances won third-prize, the awards ceremony will be held in Beijing in the mid to late 1.


with the development of society, Chinese is entering a new era of public entrepreneurship, innovation ". In 2015 the national science and technology strategy forum, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out: "public entrepreneurship, innovation and technology innovation, promote and complement each other." He stressed that "public entrepreneurship, innovation" the urgent need the latest, cutting-edge science and technology leading. In response to the prime minister called for, further implementation of innovation driven development strategy to build a powerful engine to promote economic development and transformation and upgrading of Sino British entrepreneurship competition in this field came into being, based on the British science and technology industry, for the whole field of social entrepreneurship in the tournament, start by the beginning of the record industry, media, platform, investment institutions warmly pay attention to. From the start of September 14th, the deadline to close the channel, the current Sino British entrepreneurship contest entries have reached more than 1 thousand. After the audition, pre tournament semi-finals, semi-finals and the southwest division of the selection and recommendation, the final 14 talent shows itself outstanding venture into the finals of the peak of the war.

at the same time, the Sino British entrepreneurship Contest Finals judges team is strong, they are the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of genetics and Secretary of Party committee of the Standing Committee of the National Youth Federation of Central State Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship session not chairman Xu Weihua; Chinese Academy of Sciences Innovation Incubator investment limited liability company deputy general manager Zuo Waidong; deputy director of China researcher at the Institute of automation science complex system management and control of the State Key Laboratory of Ceng Dajun Automation Research Institute; China vice chief engineer, Tianjin Zhongke intelligent recognition Industrial Technology Research Institute president Sun Zhenan; Department of Jiahe (Beijing) Cci Capital Ltd partner Cao Jie; multi media cattle CEO Jiang Nan; Beijing Youth Committee, Deputy Secretary General of the European and American students will leave the British branch, left the British Chamber of Commerce Secretary Xu Hanpeng; Dfj DragonFund Chinese fund partner Thomas Investment General Manager Gao Xin; Li Ruobin; Control Branch Chong Qing Miao Yingwei, senior vice president of Cmi Holdings Ltd. Powerful mentor team, while involved in professional and business of professional insight, grasp and combing on the business model, let the players benefit.


Europe and the United States will be the Secretary General of the British branch, the Chinese Academy of Sciences incubator incubator Limited

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