Nanchang actively provide one stop entrepreneurial support services

with the increasingly fierce market competition, the choice of entrepreneurial environment is becoming more and more important. In order to attract entrepreneurial talent settled, to promote the development of the cause of public entrepreneurship innovation, Nanchang built a number of business incubator platform to fully support the development of small and micro enterprises entrepreneurship.

2013 years, holding all the envy of the iron rice bowl, lived nine to five life Li Wei resigned, he re planning his life, decided to go into business.

The rapid development of

at this time, Nanchang City College of electronic commerce incubator has opened the door for Li Wei, 1 years of free site fees, utilities, interest free loans, business training and other business support subsidies and gave him second business opportunity. Li Wei’s dream factory officially moved to the incubator base, where there are hundreds of college students and he, with entrepreneurial dreams come.

2014 October, the new jewelry shop on the line, Li Wei’s second attempt to get a monthly profit of more than twenty thousand yuan success. Today, Li Wei is the boss of the 5 shop, his company has more than 10 employees, monthly sales soared from several thousand dollars to more than one million yuan. 85 after Li Weiyao became Nanchang’s famous "business star".

five years, from the city of entrepreneurial ability and entrepreneurial environment, improve business services, encourage and support a large number of college students and rural workers are successful entrepreneurs. Focus on promoting public entrepreneurship, innovation, the city actively build business incubator platform, the incubator settled entrepreneurs to implement rent, utilities, property management, health subsidy policy, the establishment of entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship training, business incubation "one-stop" business support mechanism, the lower the entrepreneurial cost.

and the first in the country to implement the "launched a" two "support" and "support" entrepreneurial initiatives small loans, personal business loans will be increased to 100 thousand yuan, the enterprise loan amount increased to 4 million yuan, and gradually establish a new mechanism for the government to encourage entrepreneurship, social support entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial workers.

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