Zhongshan University of Electronic Science and technology held the ninth college students entreprene

although the social mainstream sound is generally not too optimistic about entrepreneurship, but there are still thousands of business students who fought into the ranks of entrepreneurship. Sharitau Kim, there are a lot of entrepreneurial projects with good potential for development, access to investors in the entrepreneurial contest.

the service in the low-end tourism market of college students students tour project team received by experts. According to the team responsible for the NPC four students Lai Liying introduced their projects from March this year founded after just 8 months time, has absorbed more than 300 students for their services, flexible combined with students’ spare time, opened a number of personalized travel outside the province line, at present the total turnover of about 2000000 yuan, preliminary statistics about gross profit 400 thousand yuan. At present, the project has set up a company in Guangzhou.

this project was introduced, it caused the attention of these judges, judges are well shopping business owners, they are most concerned about the numbers, "you really have so much turnover? If you do, your entrepreneurial projects survive, I give you high scores." Chairman of the board of directors of Zhongshan Bo day group. In the face of the judges on the number of questions, Lai Liying eager to respond to the turnover is true, but the company is currently facing no office space, marketing and other issues, hoping to get support.

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