How much money to invest in Huilongguan seafood big coffee

the development of the transportation industry in China’s economic development plays an important role in the development of the seafood industry is also relying on this point. Seafood is rich in nutrition, with the development of economy, traffic convenience, seafood products have been shipped to all over the country, so there is a huge market of seafood, seafood of Huilongguan big coffee to seize the huge market demand.

how much does it cost to invest in Huilongguan seafood?

Huilongguan seafood big coffee after years of development, is now a well-known franchise brands, attracting more and more people to invest, then Huilongguan seafood big coffee franchise investment how much money? To introduce below.

specific join fee is as follows:

first tier cities

store area of 400 square meters of liquidity of 370 thousand total cost of 930 thousand

second tier cities

store area of 350 square meters of liquidity of 230 thousand total cost of 660 thousand

three line city

store area of 300 square meters of liquidity of 160 thousand total cost of 480 thousand

how much money to join the question that we are very clear!

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