Should to the knowledge sharing risk and the future in this report words

before the October 2016 holiday, should the encore, but thin, only three categories: workplace, health and science content. What happened in the past 47 days,


review, from 2015 to play the popularity of the game, to the point on the line in 2016, detonated the heat of knowledge sharing economy. This means that the individual has the intangible knowledge and skills, the conditions are readily converted into knowledge goods, the market for direct transactions. Content to pay, began to appear a promising market, the supply and demand at both ends of the clear, clear rules of the transaction, integrated and vertical type of product focused on the emergence of the knowledge sharing economy will be barbaric growth.

Internet is experiencing the evolution from free to paid. Knowledge sharing economy a fire, will be free of charge to burn, out of the important step. For a long time, the Internet is free to share on the world, sharing is the spirit of the Internet, free to the public, inclusive knowledge is not goods, this is not the only one. The bill to pay for knowledge, has been said to be able to afford to do, many of the knowledge sharing platform is committed to charges, suffering from infringement.

from tours to answer, give us a good enlightenment: we can design a mechanism to allow consumers to voluntarily pay; the original online, there are a lot of people will have to pay for it; the original white middle class has rise, knowledge sharing economy dawn period.

obviously, to pay for knowledge is not a pseudo demand, the platform should pay attention to this trend, although the current market size is relatively small, but the protection of quality content output is a top priority.

decided to share knowledge of economic development as well as the three major defense. How to achieve sustainable development in the future?.

is it really necessary to pay for knowledge sharing?

overall, although the knowledge sharing economy is booming, but the knowledge trading model is still in the exploratory stage. Many people doubt, pay for knowledge sharing, in the end is a flash in the pan or the future trend?

we believe that knowledge sharing is the real needs of the payment, the following factors jointly activate the knowledge sharing payment market, these factors include:

first, the environment is good: Film / music and other content to pay the market gradually mature, good knowledge sharing users to pay for.

second, the desire to improve the quality of knowledge sharing on the Internet free of pain points, content spillover, knowledge acquisition efficiency and quality of the extreme decline.

third, along with the rise of small groups of people, the ability to improve the quality of knowledge and willingness to pay.

fourth, the supply of a large number of existence: ten million potential knowledge sharing of the realization of the demand for cognitive surplus.

but the market is still looked relatively "young", about the scale of tens of millions of users, the Internet is like Chinese before and after 2000, although the layout of giants, but has not been a real force, the future still have a long way to.

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