Way to make money online summary

in the present society, I believe that the word is no stranger to the network, in this era of the Internet, people can also be closely related to entrepreneurship, how to use the network to make money?

A, or in a Taobao online shop selling cattle network promotion service

the first in the Taobao registered shops, released some services such as network promotion, Baidu know the problem (what is to ask what is good, and then another account to answer their certain better) usually a 1 dollars, in the forum or website classification information to help buyers issued a message 1 dollars, sending some mail usually 1 letters of 5 per cent, if the gift is good enough, to help write some soft Wen, the price is relatively high, usually 100 yuan, these tasks are relatively simple, relatively cumbersome, for a patient who do, is also a registered fee extracted from Alipay Alipay. To be designated bank card!

two, in Witkey or classification of information service network activities

this high requirements for beginners, need to have proficiency in a particular line at 58 city, for example, can take some ganji.com, website production, program design, name card design, LOGO, some ideas have inspired others to see you not used to work, usually in some Witkey do online, more appropriate, can security, for example some pig network, it has the logo design, copy / planning, publicity design, card / name card, costume design, animation, film and television / voice / lyrics, gift design, name name, errands, queuing, record data, transfer purchasing, launched the bidder must first pay to the pig as long as you design something, or service buyers with, usually not deadbeat, the price of these services is generally relatively high, 100 yuan, 300 yuan, 500 yuan, thousands of yuan, but the competition is more exciting Strong!

three, Baidu or Google advertising alliance

the starting point higher cycle longer, you must first make the website together, then enrich the content of the website, the website such as there is not a small flow, the process is very long, and the site planning and quality related content, and then apply for a Baidu account or account Google advertising alliance account, after the opening of the distribution the ad code inserted into your web page when there are other people at all levels, click on Google or Baidu Click to give you the money, do not own every click, otherwise they will give you a letter, did not earn a penny

four, play games play equipment to sell, sell traffic

brush flow

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