Lovers gift shop location should pay attention to what

a store is able to operate successfully, with the beginning of the shop location has a very big connection. So, if we want to successfully open a shop, naturally also need to do a good job in the relevant site selection, need to pay attention to more factors. So, lovers gift shop site should pay attention to what?

initial investment proposal brand

industry experts told reporters that the couple opened the gift shop, you can set up the independent investment, can also join the brand stores, according to the reporter, at present Beijing can join the couple gift shop Xinyu star couple and the French EMAW (men and women) couples costumes and so on.

star Xinyu lovers gift shop professionals told reporters, such as Mr. Wang to the store operation and is not familiar with the market investors, the best choice to join the brand business, he pointed out to avoid risks, the initial investment, joining the brand chain, has five advantages: one is that the brand can share resources, to give management headquarters unified brand, unified development planning, marketing model of chain operation; the two is to join the business can get huge advertising investment and comprehensive coordination Headquarters sales support; three is the sales of the product quality can be guaranteed, network support is also very fast.

four is in the market start-up period, growth period, mature period, the headquarter will provide personalized marketing solutions to investors of various agents, franchise stores the person, store, location, the regular tour guides, to ensure the success of the management; five is the general headquarters will provide the best product structure for franchise stores return, and establish effective mechanism, to ensure that the franchise business and market together forever.

location analysis

lovers gift shop to choose a couple of business district

experts pointed out that a good site is half the success of the investment in the creation of a couple gift shop, the site should pay attention to the following points:

& nbsp1, the best selection of commercial Mong district. Because the "shop duolong city", with other fashion shop will usher in a lot of consumers;

& nbsp2, lovers gift shop must be in the place where lovers love haunt, such as cinemas, parks, playgrounds, university campuses, etc.;

& nbsp3, if investors already have a good network, or have a good publicity program, will also be located in their own shops in the vacant room, do not have a taste;

& nbsp4, lovers gift shop in the shop is the best rectangular or square, requires no pillars, in order to avoid the customer was artificially separated

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