Top ten brands of facial cleanser

regardless of the make-up, a day of heavy work and study after the end of the greasy face to become a very common thing, so choose facial cleanser to help clean up a lot of people do things. For this reason, will allow the market to produce a large number of facial cleanser more and more brands, below, let Xiaobian to introduce the top ten brands of facial cleanser, so as to provide a better reference for everyone to choose.

facial cleanser ten brands list NO.1, Mentholatum

Mentholatum (Mentholatum) company was founded in 1889, founder Hill successfully created Mentholatum Mentholatum, soon became the essential medicine known to every family, Mentholatum (Mentholatum) the English name is Mentholatum by "MENTHOL" (Bo Hechun) and "PETROLATUM" (Shi Layou) and. More than a hundred years later, Mentholatum (Mentholatum) in addition to the production of mint cream, but also the manufacture of lip balm, friction paste and other drugs in and out of the world’s more than and 150 countries.

Mentholatum in 2005 to introduce Acnes acnes anti acne care series. Acnes is developed high quality anti acne skin care products for teens have acne trouble. Acnes collection of a variety of anti acne ingredients, effective antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, oil and soften the cuticle, can in a short time by causing acne bacteria, use every day can achieve oil control, antibacterial, prevent acne three effect ideal effect, the skin is not easy to produce acne.

facial cleanser ten brands list NO.2, L’OREAL

L’OREAL is one of the most popular and most popular cosmetics brands. It mainly produces hair care, cosmetics and skin care products. L’OREAL in the entire history of the development of the twentieth Century, is a representative part of the history of the development of chemical industry. Paris L’OREAL has a strong product development background, first-class laboratory center of pharmacy and dermatology, research and testing center all over the world, which has introduced high-quality scientific research products to adapt to different needs of consumers around the world.

Paris L’OREAL group is the world’s leading cosmetics manufacturer, founded in 1907. Now all kinds of cosmetics sell well all over the world, popular. In addition to other cosmetic products, the group is also engaged in high-end consumer goods, and engaged in pharmaceutical and cosmetics, skin disease research, Hair Coloring appliances, skin care products, sunscreen, makeup, perfume, Eau De Toilette and skin disease research, pharmaceutical, high-end consumer goods.

facial cleanser ten brands list NO.3, NIVEA


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