How to display cigarettes more reasonable

a lot of shopkeepers are aware of the importance of the display, but also in this regard has invested a lot of energy, a lot of industry know. However, what Chen Liecai is more important, this also is to master the knowledge of the countless. Tonglu County, Zhejiang Lang Lang hotel pay special attention to the details of cigarette display, from two aspects to make the cigarette display more reasonable, the real display of cigarettes as a productive force.

first, let people see

to improve sales, first of all to ensure that customers can see. Display must be attractive enough to let consumers eyes, at a glance. Lang Lang’s cigarette cigarette and liquor vendor display very vivid, the cigarette brand advertisement, price tags, advertising light boxes to fully display, display the stereo well-proportioned cigarette, cigarette display effect, so that consumers are willing to into the store to buy.

second, let people find

consumers came to the store, to ensure that consumers can quickly find what they want cigarettes. Lang Lang smoke all kinds of cigarettes in the hotel category display display, to avoid leaving the impression of shortage of goods. At the same time in order to allow consumers to easily find their desired brand, Lang Lang to be arranged cigarette and liquor vendor specification display, according to different series, different prices in different locations or display, allows consumers to quickly and efficiently find products.


marketing has always been saying: product display is a kind of productivity. Customers tend to be attracted by the good display of the product into the door, so willing to stay in the store to pick the goods until the final transaction. Thus, the display has great appeal, can promote the store sales performance.

a shop wants to attract consumers, naturally also need to start from the consumer’s point of view, can really make consumers interested in such a business can really do hot. As we all know, the 8 psychological stages of consumer shopping are: attention, interest, association, desire, comparison, trust, action, satisfaction. From these 8 stages, we can see that the attention and interest of these two stages of commodity display on the higher requirements, so in order to increase the attractiveness of cigarettes to customers, we must pay attention to the display of cigarettes.

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