Recommend a good project for College Students

now the economy is more developed, entrepreneurial opportunities are much more than before, but entrepreneurship is not as simple as imagined, can not rely on luck. For contemporary college students, entrepreneurship is to pay attention to methods. So what are the projects of college students? What can college students do? The following is recommended for everyone to start a good project for college students to get rich.

1. all kinds of education and training

if your school has medicine, psychology and pedagogy, the university can use this brand, learn from the developed countries, to carry out education of infants".

2. mature technology transfer

3. a variety of professional consulting

4. tutor service center

can choose qualified students in the composition of the team, each person can only specialized counseling department. And key secondary schools, primary school teachers, through the investigation, choose their own advantages, but also the market demand of subjects.

5. conference etiquette service

Professional etiquette company

6. publishing house return book

7. rental travel supplies

venture no sizes, can make money of the project is a good project. These projects not only low cost, low risk, but also very suitable for college students’ entrepreneurship, business minded college friends can choose their own interest in the action, you will be closer to success.


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