How enterprises stand out in holiday promotions

watched the national day will come, the major shops are now ready to do a good job, ready to do a good job in the National Day promotions, sales promotion. In fact, the National Day promotion is the enterprise as early as the festival a few months before the abacus, but even if enough to do the work, sometimes not all can achieve the desired effect. National Day promotions, often the desire is good, but the reality is unsatisfactory!

why? Because competitors are also engaged in promotion, promotional products beyond count promotions all kinds of promotional items, and overwhelming, innumerable promotional price promotion personnel, break the bottom line…… In short, the people in the promotion! It’s really hard to win in the ocean of promotion!

so, how to make the promotion of enterprises in many promotional activities to stand out?

a, engage in "marriage" – the most lively!

in the eyes of the general public, most of the holidays to enjoy the feeling of happiness is the joy of the festive. And what is the best way to show happiness? Is bustling, Zhang Qi drum "marriage". So, if you can get inspired from the holidays, engage in some holiday promotions to attract the attention of consumers.

with some related products to consumers or to stimulate production cooperation promotion, let both sides can benefit more from both sides, mutual borrow resources, network, brand, channel, space and so on, is now from the conventional style holiday promotional activities in the main square of the type.

and Coca-Cola Founder computer launched in 2000 "Coca-Cola Founder computer dynamic interconnection of you and me" marriage holiday promotional activities, is a very prominent example, which allow consumers to think only in this summer Coca-Cola and custom red fashion Founder computer, will rival promotions in the exclusion of consumer attention outside!

two, talk about love – the most exciting!

no one doesn’t like the feeling of falling in love. The man in love will certainly have a deep understanding: we must try to find some way out of the new tricks, so that your girlfriend dreams of you all the time, do not want to see you! Each enterprise’s marketing staff if you want to make your own business and consumers love, it would have to understand the special psychological consumer time, try to play some new tricks, hooking the hearts of consumers, consumers hold feelings.

consumers in the holiday promotions, and sometimes there will be a serious promotion fatigue, will be a lot of promotional activities numb, which allows companies to think of some trick. And consumers can fall in love, it is equivalent to the consumer in order to have. Enterprise can be taken in

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