Open clothing store site seven matters needing attention

now, more and more people are looking at the clothing sales, want to have a clothing store, so many people began to look for the painful process of clothing store. Today, Xiao Bian came to tell you about the location of the clothing store opened seven notes.

1, in the same street on both sides of the choice of good women’s clothing store location, with more traffic, high visibility, traffic is not easy to plug the location is good. How to open a clothing store? Less traffic, the lack of "popularity", the influence of income; visibility is low, even with the "popularity", it is not easy to find your good dress shop; if the traffic is not smooth, people do not want to come.

2, choose a good dress shop location, also should pay attention to good dress shop where the building provides sales, display, storage and other facilities are in line with the business requirements (or give operation inconvenience), the orientation of the building is less affected by climate (such as winter days for wind direction is not for the future). In business spending.

3, choose the direction of business to complement the good women shop as a neighbor. For example, you want to open a children’s clothing store, it is best to close to a women’s clothing store, rather than close to the repair shop or bar. Because of the coordination with the surrounding business direction of the store to complement each other, near the good women’s clothing store customers will easily become a good women’s clothing store customers.

4, choose where the population will increase. How to open a clothing store, such as the development of new residential areas and the establishment of new institutions and so on, will be good for women’s clothing store to add customers, so that the future development of more potential. This requires you to have a certain vision, at any time to focus on the construction of a residential area or will be set up a new body, such as news, pay more attention to media reports.

5, select close to large companies, large enterprises on the side of the street. This is because the big companies and big enterprises and can be a customer, on the other hand because the customer is introduced to others to say "there is a good dress shop how" in certain companies nearby, so it is easier to guide others to patronize.

6, sometimes with good business direction to choose good women’s clothing store location, it is better to find a place of business premises, moderate price is reasonable, and then determine a potential development direction of management according to the local conditions. In other words, the opening of the women’s clothing shops do not have to be in the direction of business preconceptions, to find a good position is often more important.

7, and now is optimistic about business shop, as will change from the cold heat, in the near future and is currently not yet being optimistic about the location. How to open a clothing store, such a good women’s clothing store location is low, and the potential for commercial value is very large. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the new development of urban construction will bring what kind of change.

is looking for a clothing store shop or want to open a clothing store investors, attention to the above several note >

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