Why entrepreneurs do not get rich

we operate in their own shop at the same time, we should recognize the pros and cons, only learn from each other to be able to better profit. Many entrepreneurs tend to say that others invest in this project have earned, why I can not do. The following small series to introduce you why entrepreneurs will not get rich:

disdains to do things


the wrong investment, how to do? Looking for partners, the wrong people how to do? Resignation of the sea, no health insurance and retirement pension how to do? After thinking, or stay in the original post most insurance. Of course, is the original unit dedicated love and love, or their own business, it is necessary to vary from person to person, there is no formula can be used! I think only the laid-off workers can be free to throw off a big arm, in addition to the road because they have no way to retreat.

conflict with the new concept of

lack of pioneering spirit

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