What should we pay attention to the hot pot

a lot of entrepreneurs who want to join the hot pot industry, of course, the hot pot industry profits are high, entrepreneurs want to invest money is sure! But on the hot pot to join the store to pay attention to some of the issues, you know? Let Xiaobian to tell you, to open the hot pot franchise to pay attention to what!

first of all, to choose business district. That is to determine the current focus in which business district, the main goal is what. In the choice of business standards, on the one hand to consider the store’s own market positioning, on the other hand to consider the stability and maturity. Franchise market positioning is different, to attract the customer base is not the same, the choice of business district is different.

second, to determine the values, the main gathering point where. The principle is: strive to set up shop in most places and in the vicinity of groupkey. The old saying goes, "one step is three."". Shop address is one step worse than 30% of the sale. With the flow of people (abortion activity line), some people may go to before this turn, this is where guests not to place, not a small alley, but business is a lot worse, these are taken into account in the site. What is the flow of people, in this area, from the subway after it is direction etc.. These are sent to pinch table, to measure, there is a complete set of data to determine the address.

third, the site must consider the main line of people will not be competitors stopped. People have a main line, if a competitor’s traffic generation ratio and stores, it does not matter. For example, Chongqing third district in a crossroads a fast-food restaurant, if one hundred meters to the west, competitors a fast-food restaurant is not appropriate, because the flow is mainly come from the East, and over there, a lot of traffic was stopped by the shop, benefit is not good.

fourth, traffic generation influence choices. Traffic generation also affects the choice of the choice of business. Because a circle has no major traffic generation is an important sign of maturity of this district. Chongqing residents such as a new area, the residents are very much, the quality of the population is also high, but according to the survey, can not find where the plot is the main traffic generation, then it may be asked not to shop, when what time the community mature or mature, that is really a place of main traffic generation only open.

indeed, Hot pot store location will be influenced directly by the Hot pot shop business is good or bad, so Hot pot stores friends must learn the location techniques, and then join in when applied to the store location to the correct location, a good foundation for the successful operation of a Hot pot shop the.

hot pot to join the store to pay attention to what? How to do hot pot restaurant restaurant service hot pot catering project is now leading investors into

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