Zhangye City the introduction of the golden 19 to support entrepreneurship and innovation to achiev

Effects of

on the management policy, Zhangye City, Gansu also introduced the policy support not resigned to playing second fiddle, a series of innovation, policy support, entrepreneurship is more relaxed, people with entrepreneurial needs see come!

to accelerate the implementation of innovation driven strategy, promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, and do the Small and micro businesses entrepreneurship and innovation base city demonstration work, Zhangye Municipal People’s government issued "on the Small and micro businesses" two hit "demonstration base" and "on the way to support the construction of Small and micro businesses some way to support entrepreneurship and innovation". These two policies just announced, in the local caused great social repercussions. Because of high gold content, known as the 19 gold".



: government support measures for inclusion in the "Small and micro businesses hit two demonstration bases and identified through municipal entrepreneurship and innovation incubators, giving the" two four "award: subsidies and renovation costs, rent subsidies, performance incentives, promotion incentives, incentives and financing service platform award.

The biggest highlight of

: to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation base operators to help business projects into angel investment and risk investment in social capital, according to the actual equity invested a total of 10% to give the maximum not more than 1 million yuan reward.

specific policy:

"two hit" demonstration base refers to by all levels of government, enterprises, social organizations and individuals to build or rebuild for Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial innovation incubation and engaged in the production and operation of various types of establishments, including: Industrial Park, business park, science and technology incubator incubator, Small and micro businesses, public record space etc.. Two demonstration demonstration base to support the form of financial subsidies, including loan subsidies, loans, incentives, etc., specifically for the two supplement award four".

1. transformation cost subsidy. In the Zhangye city Small and micro businesses "two hit" demonstration of entrepreneurial innovation base and the city determined to reach the standard of innovation and entrepreneurship incubators, according to enterprise use area and tax, employment contribution, reference space construction investment as the bank loan interest subsidies for 2 years.

2. rental allowance. Was identified as municipal and recommended

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