Why customers have beauty salons phobia to listen to the voice of customers

believe that many beauty salon owners have encountered such a problem, that is, a customer to hear you introduce a new product, immediately shift the topic, or directly refused to listen to. Why is there a beauty salon phobia? This is mainly beauty salon boss did not pay attention to listen to the voice of the customer. Beauty salons in the service should always listen to the voice of the customer, so that customers say they need what kind of service so that customers will not be scared away". ‘

voice of the customer: every time I go to beauty salons and feel very afraid of

seems to feel the beauty salon phobia, since being home near the beauty salon activities once hurt after nearly half the time never went to the beauty salon. Although the beauty salon in charge of a lot of money, but every time I received a call from the beauty salon, I refused. Although busy at work is one of the reasons, but do not want to go to the beauty salon to do beauty, because I have a fear of beauty salons.

Is there a beauty salon /

if purely chat okay, the most horrible thing is a hairdresser in the service of process, start to keep with you close, then began to keep with you to sell a variety of products. For example, think your stomach is not good, shoulder and neck pain began to sell what they have, what products. It is recommended to cure a variety of skin care products, health care products etc.. But in fact, take home, and not much effect. If it works, it’s like a little. But this went to a beauty salon to dig out a few hundred dollars, but also a waste of money, the heart and unhappy, so do not want to go to beauty salons.

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