The experience of a business with a small capital

now, no matter what they are doing, pay attention to is an experience of two words, we all have to focus on their own experience to seek greater breakthroughs and development. Look at Xiaobian summary of the experience of business with a small capital. 1, the goods sold out of stock, and neglect the customer, the shop is also wrong negligence. At this time, should solemnly apologize, and said, "we will send to you as soon as possible." To leave the customer’s address.

3, children are the best customers, for customers with children, or to shopping to take special care of children.

4, the trading object as their loved ones. Whether can get the support of the customer, decide the rise and fall of the store.

5, flattery before sale service as customer service. This is the law of "permanent customer".

6, the customer to blame, as "the word of God", no matter what the complaint is, all want to accept.

7, don’t worry about the lack of funds, the concern is the lack of credit.

In order to maintain the stability of

9, sell good commodity is a good thing, for good goods for publicity is a good thing.

10, the salesman must carry one or two pieces of merchandise and advertising, brochures.

12, the daily newspaper advertising at least want to see it again. Do not know what the customer ordered new products, is a businessman’s shame.

13, there is no business recession, regardless of the situation, can not make money.

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