t is said that the understanding of these stories can make you more entrepreneurial dream closer

is like a fish or a fishing rod to the story, a lot of time if a person only in front of the interests, will eventually be short-lived pleasure; a person lofty goals, but also to face the reality of life. Only by combining the ideal and the reality, it is possible to become a successful person. Sometimes, a simple truth, but enough to give meaningful life inspiration.

1. to buy cigarettes, smoke 29 yuan, but he did not match, with the clerk said: "by the way to send a box of matches." The clerk did not give.

2. there is a little boy, one day his mother took him to the grocery store to buy things, the boss saw the lovely child, they can open a jar of candy, the little boy to take a candy. But the boy didn’t do anything. Several times after the invitation, the boss personally caught a lot of candy into his pocket. Back home, the mother curiously asked the little boy, why not have to catch the candy and the boss to catch it? The little boy replied, "because my hands are small."! The boss’s hand is relatively large, so he took a lot more than I get!"

3. famous American host Linklater one day to visit a child, asked him: "what do you want to be when you grow up?" The child naively replied: "well…… I want to be a pilot!" Linklater then asked: "if one day, your plane flew over the Pacific Ocean, all the engines are off, what would you do?" The child thought, "I’ll tell the man on the plane to tie the seat belt, and then I’ll hang up my parachute and jump out."." When the audience laughed when Linklater watched the reel right and left, to the child, want to see that he is not fancy. Unexpectedly, two lines and then the child’s tears brim over with tears, Linklater found that this makes the child’s heart of compassion is far from the words to describe. So Linklater asked him, "Why are you doing this? "The child’s answer is this."

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