Postal Savings Bank of Sanmenxia branch vigorously promote public Entrepreneurship

no matter what kind of a business, no matter what kind of entrepreneurial policies provided by the government, but as long as the venture capital, naturally need to have the funds, which relates to the relevant loan policy. In order to support the public entrepreneurship, postal savings bank of Sanmenxia branch to provide a more favorable business guarantee loan policy, thus meeting the goal of more people to start a business.

with the development of the culture industry, Shanzhou District Dairy specialist Yan Fengying need to update the bullpen, according to the usual policy can only be the highest 100 thousand yuan loan, this branch of the postal savings bank and the district district actively Shanzhou Shanzhou microfinance loan center communication, April 18th for customer loans of 240 thousand yuan. This is the postal savings bank of Sanmenxia branch vigorously promote the public entrepreneurship Huimin project, a microcosm. At the end of April, the bank business loans 197 million 860 thousand yuan, to promote the healthy development of the city’s venture to promote employment.

this year, the postal savings bank branch in Sanmenxia City, in order to implement the public business Huimin project, take a variety of ways to promote business loans: one is playing rolling subtitles on TV, let the masses understand the business loans preferential policies through television; two is the use of the WeChat platform to highlight the business loan policy, through the mobile phone client to achieve interaction between banks and potential customer; the three is the joint insurance, community business loan exhibition; four is the use of township postal savings outlets hanging banners, publicity of the region’s businesses use DM advertising, improve business visibility of secured loans.

Postal Savings Bank of Sanmenxia branch actively communicate with the City venture Guarantee Center, enabling the system to allow the real estate mortgage, pledge of deposit certificates, such as anti security model to expand counter security measures to reduce the threshold of customer loans. At the end of April, the use of real estate mortgage, certificates of deposit pledge mode venture secured loan balances of more than 30 million yuan, to expand the business loan guarantee customer groups.

postal savings bank Sanmenxia branch credit department staff into the community, the country preaching organized employment and partnership business loans, the government full discount policy, the loan amount, interest rate preferential policies to attract customers to accept. At the end of April, the bank organized employment and partnership loan balance amounted to 89 million 380 thousand yuan, effectively pulling the business loans to enhance the scale.

Postal Savings Bank branch in Sanmenxia city also shared security mechanism and Sanmenxia venture guarantee research center of the city, improve the guarantee efficiency, ensure the development of a good unit of sustainable development, the development of units to speed up the development of poor spur.

with the implementation of a preferential policy, for the development of local entrepreneurship will undoubtedly have a great push to ensure more and more entrepreneurs successfully embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, more importantly, because the development of the local business enterprise, in order to promote local recommendation

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