People’s livelihood and how to choose the safety of Henan snack bars prohibit the sale of the networ

in the present life, although the pace of life has accelerated, but with the arrival of Internet plus, provides convenience for our life. Stay at home, through the network or phone can be called away from a small restaurant, it is very convenient, but some people say there are certain food safety risks. Yesterday, the Provincial Government Legislative Affairs Office issued the "Henan food production and processing of small workshops and small food and food vendors management approach (revised draft draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "approach"). People’s livelihood and security how to choose? Henan snack bars prohibit online sales.

small workshop:

refers to the fixed production and processing sites, fewer employees, small production scale, production conditions and process technology is simple, engaged in food production and processing activities of individual producers and operators.

small catering:

refers to a fixed store, small size, fewer employees, simple conditions, engaged in food and beverage service activities of small restaurants, snack bars, small drinks shop and other self-employed. However, the processing business area of 60 square meters, is not applicable to these measures.

food vendors: without a fixed store, in the temporary designated place and within the stipulated time stallage, engaged in food sales or provide catering services to individual operators.

who cares? The food and Drug Department is responsible for the "three small" food safety supervision

since last year, the province of food safety supervision system of the major changes in industry and commerce, quality supervision is no longer responsible for food safety in the circulation and production supervision, and the duties of all assigned to the food and drug supervision and administration department. The "three" regulations, supervision, responsible for food and drug supervision and administration department.

not only that, but also clear the other three departments responsibilities. The health administrative department responsible for the "three small" food safety risk monitoring and risk assessment. Urban and rural planning and construction administrative departments responsible for the administrative area of the "three small" production centers planning, facilities construction and management. Department of city administration and law enforcement for outdoor public places and restaurants unlicensed food sales and work.

small food workshops in our province, a large number of small restaurants and food vendors. According to statistics, there are only more than 50 thousand small workshops registered in the province, engaged in small restaurants, snack bars, small beverage shops and other small catering units have a total of about 300 thousand food vendors around.

how to manage? Small workshops, small restaurants and small vendors were registered, filing system

want to run for the "three", how to get started? "To strengthen the management, after repeated research, seek advice, recommend

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