Special business opportunities wood modification

wood is everywhere we can see, but few people found that the timber contains enormous business opportunities, a huge market. Don’t believe it? Let us walk into the special business opportunities – wood modification!


through the application of contemporary physics and chemical technology, the Eucalyptus "change" into mahogany, Paulownia "change" into teak, this will become a big business?

"you look at these two wood, what’s the difference?" Yong Hong Wei Fang (Beijing) Polytron Technologies Inc general manager Zhou Xiongzhi in accepting the commercial value of the interview, told reporters two planks.

check of two pieces of wood, but a distinct color differences, a darker color in the texture more meticulous, hardness more hard. In fact, not only that, after measurement, the color of a piece of wood, whether in density, hardness, or other physical and mechanical properties are similar to rare mahogany.

"after nearly 10 years of research and testing, at present has reached the stage of industrialization." Zhou Xiongzhi said, the output has reached more than 1 thousand cubic meters per year."

special business opportunitiesThe so-called

data show that Chinese has become the world’s largest plantation and plantation timber production in most countries, the plantation area of 61 million 688 thousand and 400 hectares, plantation accumulation was 1960>

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