How to choose the brand of food and beverage investment

for investors who want to join the venture, whether you want to open a snack bar or want to join a large restaurant, choose a good brand for your future entrepreneurial path is good. For the selection of the brand a lot of things in the early entrepreneurs who are confused do not know how to choose a better, Xiao Bian I give the following suggestions on this issue.

first of all, the food and beverage enterprise headquarters should show the service mark registration certificate. Headquarters must first have this brand, in order to authorize the restaurant franchise. In other words, the headquarters must first obtain the Central Bureau of standards, issued by the service mark registration certificate. Before joining the food and beverage franchise, we must first confirm that the headquarters does have this brand, in order to rest assured that the food and beverage franchise.

followed by the franchisee to clear the right to pay the gold, the headquarters will be charged to the food and beverage franchisee three kinds of costs, namely, food and beverage to join the gold (agency fees), rights and margin. The so-called food and beverage to join the gold (agency fees), refers to the headquarters in front of the shop to help the food and beverage franchisee to do the overall planning of the shop, and education and training fees charged. The premium refers to the catering stores using the headquarters of the trademark, and enjoy the goodwill expenses required to pay, this is a continuous charge, as long as the food stores continued to use the headquarters of the trademark, we must regularly pay. Payment may be made quarterly, quarterly or monthly. As for the margin, is to ensure that the headquarters of the food and beverage will be able to fulfill the contract, and timely payment of fees, etc..

finally, the supply price of food and beverage business headquarters. General food and beverage franchise contract, the headquarters will be required to join the food and beverage must be purchased to headquarters, not private purchase. This is often the headquarters of the largest dispute with the food and beverage franchise chain. Because restaurants often think of the headquarters of the supply price is high, so have their own procurement. However, based on the consistency of the quality of the chain system, had to ask the food and beverage stores must be unified to headquarters procurement, so the dispute will arise.

in the choice of food and beverage to join the brand, we must strictly examine the above three aspects, in order to ensure the smooth progress of our restaurant franchise.

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