You get to know the key to wealth

access to wealth is the key to look at your mind and vision, and how to grasp the market means and methods. Xiaobian finishing the eight key to obtain wealth, and we explore the secret of success. Details are as follows:

1, the most important thing is character. Soros attaches great importance to the character of the partner, he believes that financial speculation takes a lot of risk, and immoral people do not want to take risks. Such a person is not suitable for engaging in responsible, aggressive and risky ventures. Anyone who takes a risk business but can’t face the consequences is not a good player. In his team, investment style can be completely different, but the character must be reliable.

What did

2 Miller learn from Soros?

a. judge right and wrong is not important, it is important to get the right amount of profit, the loss of the number of errors.

b. when the opportunity to profit, don’t hang back. When you are sure of a deal, give each other a fatal blow, that is not enough to do, to get as much as possible.

At the same time,

c. also realized that if the excessive operation, even if the market is right, will still be a failure.

3, for others, making mistakes is a source of shame. So unwilling to admit mistakes. It’s a matter of pride for me to admit mistakes. If I admit my mistake, I will forgive others for their mistakes. This is the basis of my harmonious work with others. Make a mistake and not what shame, only to say it’s a shame.

4, when you have the opportunity to expand, don’t hang back. If you start with a big profit, you should continue to expand.

5, people’s understanding of things is not complete, and thus affect the integrity of the things themselves, with the popular view contrary to the view. Popular prejudice and the dominant trend of mutual reinforcement, until the distance between the two is not to cause a catastrophe, this is what you should pay special attention to, it is also possible to occur when the phenomenon of soaring and falling.

6, cognitive incomplete, human error, reflection theory, the theory of inflation.

7, December 8, 1985, wrote in his diary: when I am convinced of one thing, as I have seen it all, and want to see how much, with my will. Comments: master this move is called psychological rehearsal, can greatly ease the mind when holding a big head, the winner must be character.

8, never gamble.


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