Recommend rural entrepreneurship gold home entrepreneurship can not be missed

in today’s society, the rural entrepreneurship policy is good, so there are a lot of people in rural areas began to return home business, here Xiaobian recommended rural entrepreneurship golden ideas, interested friends may wish to look at.

of the industry, the price of pork market is not very stable, the first problem: the cost of pig production and market is ideal, when raised to slaughter, if the market situation is not ideal, and suffer from the feed cost requires a large number of pig breeding and fatigue in this case, they have to slaughter thus, causing the low rate of return, labor The loss outweighs the gain. pig. If we set up a slaughterhouse and a frozen bank in rural areas to solve this problem, when the market situation is not good when you can slaughter pigs frozen, when the market situation is good when the market. Give full play to the effectiveness of resources at the lowest cost input and high returns, which reduces the risk of rural pig market, so the establishment of slaughterhouses and frozen banks in rural areas is of great potential.

Golden Ideas: Rural Entrepreneurship fruit planting

"golden ideas" come from? Aimed at the development of projects, the major to find items, according to industry lead project is golden idea. If the local is the development of the planting industry in the mountains, in the case of the development of the local agricultural industry is relatively full understanding of the situation, you can consider the advantages of fruit planting industry, the development of space is still great. Such as creating a pear, apricot, nectarine mixed planting technology demonstration park, the promotion of new varieties, the formation of scale, make the brand, using technology to change the traditional agriculture, actively guide farmers to increase entrepreneurship, at the same time with red Shi Lan, in order to increase revenue.

In fact,


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