The two generation are busy taking over

reform and opening up to date, has been more than thirty years, when the emergence of a generation has gradually become old, it is imperative to find someone to take over. Chinese is now entering a two generation succession peak, some people will inherit his father’s life career milestone.

to "development of small and medium enterprises in Wenzhou and the two generation" lecture Association, deputy director of the Association Central Economic Committee Zhou Dewen said, now has to "two generation" over time fathers career, this is not easy, in the face of fierce market competition and industrial upgrading, they face greater challenges.

and most of the succession of the "two generation", Li Ziyi now began a third venture, he did not deny the excellent family environment gave him a try "capital".

in Ziyi Lee freshman first ready to start, he gave his parents see their business plan and payment scheme, without much persuading got 150 thousand yuan of venture capital. There is no reason for a successful father to support his business, the only purpose is to let his son try".

"to solve the problem with its own efforts to create more social value, feeling good!" Li Ziyi did not want to give up, he likes the feeling of entrepreneurship.

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