New problems must be considered when joining in fashion

the past two years, the state vigorously support emerging entrepreneurs, providing a number of preferential policies and financial support, attracting a lot of young people into entrepreneurship. If you are just beginning to join the field of clothing, clothing or operating time is not very long, experience is not very rich, will be very confused, do not know the choice of what kind of brand to join. In fact, as long as your shop has not yet opened, the success of the business in the future may be doomed. The first step to success is to start with what brand to choose.

1, brand positioning


2, product popularity

this can be divided into several aspects. First of all, how the popularity of the brand in various regions of the country? How to position in the minds of consumers? You can get past sales data directly to the Brand Company, can also learn from the side, from shopping malls, run the agent of the brand to its sales. Secondly, according to the brand positioning and product style, in the local about how many people will be interested in the purchase of this product?. Third, it depends on the price of its products in similar brands are not competitive with the price of the design style with the local consumer spending habits and preferences are not consistent, try to avoid the possibility of conflict and conflict.

3, a reasonable profit space

joined the company can not give you enough profit? Just look at the surface delivery discount and exchange rate, is not enough. Let’s make a rough account for you.

input you need about:

· shop rent (may require a one-time payment of three months or even half a year’s rent)

· store decoration costs (one-time investment)

· goods funds (such as 45% of the purchase discount, then the retail value of goods in the $100 thousand, you need to pay 45 thousand)

· personnel wages

· monthly store daily expenses (utilities, etc.)

expected income:

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