How about the market environment of Korean coffee shop

current Korean wind is affecting the domestic market, the Korean coffee also gradually into people’s daily life consumption. So if you want to open a Korean coffee shop, the market environment?

, a genuine Korean coffee strong pride, copycat tricks blossom everywhere

appeared on the market a lot of copycat Korean coffee brands, these less than two years on the establishment of counterfeit goods, but also quickly won the favor of the market.

why cottage can also be popular because of the orthodox Korean coffee brands in the store is generally more proud of the expansion of the strong, many terms of overlord.

Korean coffee brands generally join the high cost, most of which also require the holding of franchisees, such as diffuse coffee requires franchisees have the strength to develop a number of stores.

this way to block a lot of coffee brands want to invest in Korea, but do not have the financial strength of coffee investors, so these cottage Korean coffee brand came into being.

they were copied and diffuse coffee is almost the same as the old elm furniture furniture, decoration style, the same product model, like pick empty space, like the persimmon tree, even as the


The number of

much less than these copycat brand genuine Korean coffee brands.

two, Korean coffee dominate the Chinese?!

many copycat brands, although it does indicate that Korean coffee brand swept the country, a trend which cannot be halted, but it is undeniable that the Korean coffee brand in the process of rapid development, is the lack of real core competitiveness in the market China.

China’s vast land area, regional consumption habits are also large differences. I often say that the consumption habits of the people of Beijing may never be the same as the consumption habits of Sichuan people. In South Korea, Starbucks has a lot of competitive advantage relative to the Korean coffee brand in China may not eat open.

is very simple, the Chinese market is too large, in South Korea, there is no dialect as much as China, there is such a complex eating habits.

European coffee culture is not easily assimilated by the South Korean China coffee market, coffee culture struck, wanted to dominate the Chinese, still early, and difficult to


three, Korean small trick is not easy to work for a long time

Korean coffee in South Korea is the core competitiveness of the local Starbucks and other European and American coffee shops, such as the environment is more comfortable, more leisure, especially for female customers, delicate Korean coffee people have set

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