Open a bottle of art easy to do business

high-grade housing decoration, if the flower bottle or even we are everywhere on the streets of glass bottles, inevitably a bit and the surrounding environment does not go, and now people are in the pursuit of individuality, so the low investment to open a bottle of art shop, is a very good good choice!

3, due to the different nature of the business, in the decoration of Kung Fu is not the same. If it is retail, modern sense, a strong sense of decoration decoration is essential. Bottle shop decoration is very simple, it does not cost much money. Just look for a shelf company, let him according to the operating area of the area, style design a simple and modern shelf can be.

management method: 1, all kinds of bottles sold, can be matched with the bottle effect. For example, ornamental fish and fish bottle can sell together, but the fish as gifts, buy a vase can give a bunch of flowers; 2, if the conditions can also give a piece of every customer feedback cards, write on the hope that the customer requirements, and in the adoption of careful promotion;

3, in order to allow consumers in the home decoration bottle never outdated, as long as consumers take a buy from the shop did not damage the old vase, then pay 20% of the depreciation, you can exchange for a similar value in the store’s new vase.

if open a bottle shop, investment is not too big, in the city, even the rent and decoration with purchase, a total of perhaps less than ten thousand dollars. The market potential for Beijing, there are about 2 million 740 thousand families, if half of the families to buy a vase, you need 1 million 370 thousand.

and vase annually to launch new styling, the pursuit of fashion people, often for new love, so you don’t have to worry about the future of the market demand. Operating a bottle shop, must be diligent, because every morning you have to clean the dust, giving consumers a new bright feeling is what they like.

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