Professional women in the new era

with the development of the times, people’s concept of change, women have begun to start the road. In the past, women entrepreneurs tend to be labeled as a "strong woman", but also often around the people think "no family", "not good". In fact, this does not prevent women from becoming more involved in economic activities. The new era of professional women, not only beautiful flowers, but also want to make money to support their families".


netizen "misty" in an automobile customer service company as a sinecure, although not busy, but the mood is low every day, "my husband spends most of his time working in the field, home of a half a month, only a day to go."


in the capacity, the female is completely lost to men, but is somewhat inferior in strength. At the same time, the vast majority of women in the pursuit of career at the same time, they want to be able to do their own family responsibility, play a good "mother" and "wife" role. As a result, women can be used to cause the energy will inevitably be discounted.

must first to his family "borrowing", some experts suggest that female entrepreneurial guidance may wish to her husband to pull into their careers. With the support of family members, women receive more than just a little convenience on the career, more of a sense of security.

which is a lot of successful women while keeping the secret of the family, because the cause is not only the source of income of the family, is an important link of ideological communication between family members.

secondly to understand to the staff of "borrowing", meticulous and thoughtful work is a big advantage for women when their careers, but if everything tends to care for this and lose that.

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