Shaanxi will promote the creation and innovation of college students into the 13th Five Year plan

college students entrepreneurial success rate has been criticized, according to the survey, in 2011, half of the college students in 3 years to give up entrepreneurship. In order to solve this problem, Shaanxi province will launch 36 initiatives in the "13th Five-Year" period, and vigorously promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship students.

"13th Five-Year" period, Shaanxi will consider the 100 low cost, convenience, all elements, open to the demonstration of the college public record space, the construction of 100 experimental teaching demonstration centers, 100 centers, virtual simulation experiment teaching 200 college students school education practice base. Support 15 thousand college students innovation and entrepreneurship training programs, through the "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship competition for college students. At the same time, to promote the college with foot installed with full-time education teachers cultivate 150 strong entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship education teacher. The construction of 6 provincial demonstration training base, support colleges and practice departments to carry out personnel exchanges to hire.

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