Why college students fail

is a large part of the students after graduation have chosen their own business, but the business is not so simple, especially for it just out of college students is more difficult, there is no sufficient funds rich experience in the business of the road difficult to get them, so why college students in the entrepreneurial process is prone to failure.?

eight adult entrepreneurs want to practice only 3%

survey results show that the respondents have their own entrepreneurial willingness to reach 84%, that is, more than 80% of college students with entrepreneurial dreams. However, the real entrepreneurial practice of college students is only 3%. We discuss with the bedroom a few people every day want to start a business, but do not know what to do in the end, I am afraid to learn delays, things have not made." A junior student said without fear.

would like to or do not want to, this is only a subjective willingness to investigate, but the survey data show that the current concept of employment of college students in Henan. Today, the employment pressure is more and more big, the majority of college graduates hope to reflect their own value through their own business, but in the face of risk, but they lack the courage to embark on the road.

50% more college students want to be a millionaire

52% of the respondents expect business for three years, the annual profit of the enterprise can reach more than 1 million, of which 14% of people expected to reach more than 5 million, and hope the enterprises "in the three years survival of the university student entrepreneurs accounted for only 25%.

is for college students, entrepreneurs, make "the first penny" than to "gold" is more practical. Fearless, young, full of youthful spirit, full of hope for the future, these are college students’ entrepreneurial advantage, but "ambitious" and "business" often become entering the community of young entrepreneurs "stumbling block". Survival is the first test of any enterprise to face, for college students entrepreneurs, survival is the last word to survive on the success of more than half.

is the biggest obstacle to experience and lack of funds

surveyed college students, 51% of entrepreneurs believe that the biggest difficulty is the lack of social experience and knowledge of management and marketing, said the lack of start-up capital is the biggest problem 35%. Capital, social experience is indeed the biggest obstacle to the current college students entrepreneurship, many entrepreneurs are trying to find ways to start the financial help, but with these, entrepreneurship will be able to succeed? Entrepreneurs themselves are the decisive factor in the internal, if the students do not put their own position, can not play their real advantage, get more money, perhaps the more compensation.

for college students entrepreneurship, deputy director of the Zhengzhou SME Bureau

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