Computer keyboard ten brands list

the quality of the keyboard, the use of the computer will have a very big influence. After all, a good keyboard can effectively improve people’s work efficiency, and the use of the process will be more comfortable, then the computer keyboard brands have what? Here we give you a list of the top ten brands of computer keyboard.

computer keyboard ten brands list NO.1: Logitech

Logitech is starting from a production of mouse Swiss Corporation, after years of development, has now become a computer peripheral equipment in the world famous manufacturer, also has a very high status in the field of Logitech computer keyboard, the keyboard using ultra micro receiver, has long standby time, the longest can be used 24 months, super large wireless connections, even in the more complex environment can be connected to a wireless keyboard design, compact and yet feel comfortable and durable.

computer keyboard ten brands list NO.2: Razer

Razer is a technology company in the United States, after a long time of development, Razer has now become the world’s leading gaming brand, Razer computer keyboard is used in the optimal trigger key process, sensitive and accurate with cap design, let users praise, but it will trigger and reset points to reduce the distance half, let Razer key life of mechanical axis to improve a lot.

computer keyboard ten brand list: NO.3 button

is a computer peripheral shuangfeiyan Brand Company at home and abroad are very famous, has been committed to the computer peripheral product development and production, one of the most mainstream products is a keyboard and mouse button of computer keyboard with a standard keyboard layout, ergonomic design, keyboard with backlight design of neon lights, buttons have a certain gradient, the use of in the process of comfortable, long time use will not feel too tired.

computer keyboard ten brands list NO.4: RAPOO


is a professional wireless peripherals technology from the German company, is a leading global supplier of wireless mouse, RAPOO computer keyboard by using stainless steel wire drawing machine, not only is thin and light, and other cool, very durable, compact keyboard design, convenient and fast, reliable wireless connection technology, all can be connected to normal use within the range of ten meters, lasting power to use, as long as 24 months.

computer keyboard ten brands list NO.5: Microsoft

Microsoft Corp is a pioneer in the world of computer software development, is also the world’s largest provider of computer software, Microsoft computer keyboard in all aspects of performance is quite equal to >

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