Zhu Xuexia founded the elderly service center so that the elderly are not alone

when we are parents heart meat every day, sticking to the adults around, then we grow up have their own family, but parents are old, can always go home with them, the phone is rarely played, they also can be lonely will miss us, in order not to let the elderly alone with no one Zhu Xuexia, a 80 girl she started an elderly service center for the elderly to enjoy the warmth of home.

"my age, is not no one wants"

nearly 2 years before the spring of 2014, 7 pm, at the age of seventy Grandpa thousands of miles away from home in Henan called Grandpa, a tearful, said: "my age is not it?"

Zhu Xuexia this just learned that grandfather because of physical discomfort in the county hospital in Henan home. The children busy to take care of, Grandpa had to hold the bottle to the toilet, and the doctor. As a result of their own and grandfather’s feelings are very good, my grandfather in the helpless only call this phone. Grandfather of the phone, so that Zhu Xuexia can not be calm for a long time: for an old man, if their children are not around to take care of, how helpless he should be.

soon after, Zhu Xuexia back home to take care of my grandfather more than half a month. During this period, she began to think like this Grandpa body is good in the elderly, once faced in front of filial children difficult dilemma, how to live. From Henan to Huizhou, different regions and different customs, but it is similar to the plight of the elderly. The nursing home a lot, can also play a role in the care of the elderly, but if the children of parents will be sent in, the people around them will be considered filial and pointing, parents will feel abandoned in the South; many families did not give the elderly life custom, let the old man in his birthday lonesome. As foreigners Zhu Xuexia more direct experience: like her "new Huizhou" once the parents came to Huizhou, due to changes in the environment, the language barrier, the old man is difficult to integrate into the new city life.

"to make old people happy life, and realize the value of life." This desire, in a few months after landing for the elderly in Huizhou City Service Center, so that thousands of elderly people as their own grandfather, old age is no longer bleak.

is old enough to pursue his dream

a lifetime of hard work, work, children, the elderly social responsibility has been completed, to some extent, is the best time". After repeated discussions, because of this concept, Zhu Xuexia will be in Huizhou, the elderly service center named "golden age".

6 floor of the building set up a number of activities room, chess room and painting room is particularly elegant, between the floors of the elevator to facilitate the elderly. Zhu Xuexia will introduce himself

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