Retail stores have more creative

immutable, although it is a heritage of history, however, because it can not meet the development of the times, the same did not get better development. There is an old saying: "the poor to change and it will pass, long general". It can be seen that "change" can play a role in the development of things. Into the tobacco industry this year, following the customer manager to visit the market, customer service, so I learned a lot of things. Not only the attitude of customer service, speaking skills, many of the customer’s business ideas and business methods have also benefited me.

shop image of the "new"

visited the market in large supermarkets and tobacco shops store image is the cigarette retail terminal benchmark, ordinary households retail store image did not reach the standard, but the store owner always has a way to show their goods cigarette shops, always let a person shine at the moment, the cigarette is on display design novel, give a person a kind of find everything fresh and new feeling.

customer manager Wang Yan Dali County under the jurisdiction of the area have such a household, eight fish Ashoucun Xiang customers based on the original King GEE woo, cigarette counter, specially made of a cigarette box cabinet, the cabinet can display cigarette products, also let more convenient when zero box sales, from take the following, above will automatically fall down, as a result, both for the convenience of the display of cigarettes is also convenient when selling goods, pick up, don’t smoke cigarette box dynamic display counters inside the tag, eliminates the frequent replacement of cigarette trouble, but also to avoid the often take the cigarette caused by counter messy, let the store more tidy.

is the owner of this shop is a careful and have the ideas of the customers, for many years she was doing the business of shops full of sound and colour, the bright spots of the creative nature is also the owner to come out of the store for her grace. A lot of people in the village also like to come to her shop to sit down and chat, see clean and orderly display, are also more willing to come here to buy cigarettes.

sales awareness of the "new"

retailers ordering cigarettes, cigarettes should not only complete, but also diversified, so as to attract more consumers. However, some of the usual sales of cigarettes is not large, all of the backlog of inventory, took up the funds, how to sell out, which can be a lot of retail.

most customers have a kind of goods when the goods than three psychological, if your goods and additional conditions can be more attractive to consumers, then the same quality of your goods will undoubtedly sell faster. Furui supermarket owner client manager Selena told the area to buy cigarettes often customers can buy if the cumulative total consumption, full of cigarette, sent a box of 8-15 yuan price of the non tight cigarette, or a single purchase of a large volume can also be sent; in addition, the customer to buy the store vegetable egg also.

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