Zhangshu City Jiangxi entrepreneurship training into the park under the township

In fact, for many

among college graduates who, entrepreneurship has become a very important activity, under the background of the country to vigorously promote the university graduates entrepreneurship, more and more people start a business.

"after graduation, it is necessary to learn some knowledge of entrepreneurship, thanks to hold Employment Bureau and school entrepreneurship training, we can make a gate with venture capital."

"before the air hit mahjong, now, to participate in the SYB training, I can always open the Sundry Goods shop opened up." Recently, Zhangshu City Employment Bureau started entrepreneurship training "into the campus, under the village" activities, help the various types of urban and rural workers especially college graduates, migrant workers and urban employment difficulties to enhance entrepreneurship, promote entrepreneurship support policy implementation.

During the

the Bureau and the Township labor security will be moved to the doorstep of farmers entrepreneurship training classroom, for migrant workers, unemployed graduating early high school graduates, demobilized soldiers and other groups, entrepreneurship training needs survey, the implementation of   "entrepreneurship training + skills training" training mode, for some small investment, low risk and quick projects to carry out training, and guide students to combine their interests and expertise and entrepreneurship, improve the success rate of entrepreneurship.

In fact,


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