Aunt firewood can do take care of people’s wife to earn their own money

is a easy to keep difficult, so old, never a lack of mobile Internet era quickly became famous enterprises, but the enterprises also meet the eye everywhere flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, how to let the enterprise have sustained growth, is a more profound than entrepreneurial topics.

last year, the woman behind the Ma Yun sent to the NYSE, creating the myth of the world’s largest IPO, but also once again with the fact that the iron to make the woman’s money is the most easy business truth. In 1986, the firewood can be, in the way of entrepreneurship choked a few saliva, the seventh venture finally caught the business truth, the establishment of a friend LOHAS (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd.,

will be the previous product away, all the energy used in the January 2012 launch of a location on the record and calculate the menstrual cycle used female menstrual aide APP "aunt".


founder CEO firewood aunt do is "aunt Kitty," father, is also the most understand "aunt" man. "Aunt" from a recording tool products and other women’s menstrual health index, then joined the community function, to change the platform, "aunt Kitty" on the user’s adsorption ability greatly enhanced. Just past 2014, launched three years of "aunt Kitty" has 70 million registered users, registered users increased by 3 times than 2013, firewood to target this year, registered users reached 150 million, continue to double, has now received a $30 million C round of financing.

three-dimensional depth of the female menstrual health management service, let the firewood in the rich and professional knowledge, which is why people who donated lakes Title aunt father, he is considered the most know aunt man. The rapid rise of the angel surrounded, but firewood wants to go further, he said, if I really have that day, he just want people to give her epitaph reads: "he went for a generation of women’s life to provide help."

is the starting point of product

regressionNot the way

forward there is no opponent, otherwise there will be no more perfect themselves, management background in science and technology Chaike male opponents with a contest, gradually found CEO feeling.

because of the girlfriend dysmenorrhea, firewood can be found in the female menstrual period there are a lot of problems need to be solved, so just be a "aunt" of the both tools, community and platform for female menstrual assistant software in December 2011, once on-line capture a large number of users over seventh times for firewood business the rapid injection of confidence, then the aunt do a stride forward singing militant songs, "aunt Kitty" in 2014, has 70 million registered users, 3 times more than that of 2013.

so many active users, bring very good advertising "aunt", while greater revenue potential is big data resources of these users accumulated, let the aunt do business.

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