Severe winter season cigarette mildew method what

it is well known that once the mold, the taste will change, for customers, such a cigarette after the purchase of products is simply a waste. For retailers, such as cigarettes are still being sold, will let customers suspected counterfeit cigarettes, so that the operation of shops affected. So, as a shopkeeper, naturally have this obligation to prevent their own cigarettes mildew. But once the severe winter, water everywhere, wet weather makes cigarettes very easy to mildew. Then, the cigarette anti mildew severe winter season method?

a, in the cigarette storage cabinet put some quicklime, once a week. Quicklime can absorb moisture in the air to prevent the formation of mildew in the storage cabinet.

two, in the cigarette shelves, counters placed within the adsorption capacity of the activated carbon package, moisture-proof effect is more obvious.

three, put the cigarette in the foam box isolation storage, mildew effect is also good.

four, the use of plastic bags to seal the packaging of cigarettes stored in the freezer. Before storing the cigarette, it is necessary to ensure that the plastic bags are dry and well sealed.

five, the rain felt in the smoke box below, can effectively prevent moisture from the ground.

in order to make the mold can be changed, I believe many of the owners have tried a lot of methods, but the effect is not significant but know. But if you as a shopkeeper, you are worried about this problem, then, with the introduction of the above small series, and now you know how to carry out the mold of cigarettes changed?

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