Website revision makes our website more practical

often do the webmaster friends, 90% have had the same concept of " revision " website version has not changed, it is less and less, more than a dozen times, less the 35 times, the site is also in the process of doing a lot of revision to the present, revision seems to be one of the most common things, but also is the important thing. So, is it necessary to have a website revision? I said it’s necessary, so I have the following reasons::

1, the color of the site is not good, not suitable for user needs, revision with the trend, let the user through the color matching and like the site, so we need to update.


2, website operation direction, the direction and the content is not suitable, for example we must be revised, the original website operation direction is to provide relevant knowledge, and now we need is for the user to provide information services. For example, our website is to promote the early vasculitis knowledge as the main direction of development, and now we need more is to answer users’ questions, so adding a lot of revised and user interaction column.

3, enhance the user experience, that is, we often say that the UI design, with the development of search engines, a good user experience of the site will be more search engine preferences.

4, for the web site keywords have a good ranking, began to do search engine optimization, inevitable face search engine for code, structure, path, revision is bound to be. Here mainly refers to some enterprise website. There are other reasons, of course.

We found that

in the process of many revision, at present many customers in the construction site before the value of the web site without deep understanding, even now many people just to do a decoration as we used the same name card with a so-called online name card and have, resulting in a considerable part of the enterprise website useless not really, bring tangible benefits to the enterprise. If you ask the person in charge of the enterprise needs what kind of website, must have such a need for a reply, can produce the best interests and interests here? What? For example, companies hope to set up shop to sell their products, enterprises to establish a propaganda station to enhance corporate image, expand the brand influence. A common goal for these purposes is to introduce visitors, attract visitors, retain visitors, and even allow visitors to advertise for us. In fact, after the site is done, is it in line with your own needs,


website designers that website construction concept is based on user experience and website marketing for the purpose so to the revision of the website, in the revision process we should pay attention to: set up the enterprise image and marketing and website reference customer suggestions and find some of their customers consult customers need to reposition the visual website style, while customers will give you valuable web content organization, website optimization and so on, so.

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