Mu Jie industry BBS forum community users more targeted

for the BBS industry forum, than the simple portal site more targeted, the website profit increasingly difficult circumstances, the industry forum is optimistic about the profit, this is why? Today we tell about "industry BBS forum user community more reasons for".

for an industry website, they can attract users often access to some information related to the people, these people are mostly short-term users, only a few professionals will appropriate access to industry information, but because the industry portal interaction is not strong, even if the implementation of the WEO2.0 concept of operations, but still can not familiar with each other to meet user demand is discussed, so the industry portal, although the flow is very large, but the viscosity is far less than the same industry belongs to the BBS community forum.


BBS industry forum community with adequate interactivity, give users leave more space for the majority of independent communication, and more user stickiness, but in the forum can leave a discussion for some problems in the industry are discussed, the user must each one airs his own views have a certain understanding or special views on the industry. It will pay more attention to the information industry, so that the industry BBS forum community ads more targeted, more attractive to the user form product recommendations to promote products, increase awareness, to reach the final purpose of sales.

of the content industry BBS forum user community is more for the first reason, the second reason is because the industry of BBS community forum users high viscosity, so the same user access pages in the forum will be greater than the basic many ordinary site, so that the BBS community forum advertising for a single user the display rate is higher, from the previous advertising display statistics, we all know that the general advertising in front of a user only show one is difficult to be noticed, let alone be remember, but more than a special case caused by the viscosity of the forum, a forum in any advertising may be long-term users of this forum to see more times, resulting in a single user multiple display purposes, the user can eventually make familiar with the advertising, increase advertising The independence of user awareness, and this awareness, thousands of times may be put on display in other industries after the site can achieve the effect, but for the BBS industry forum, just a short two or three days, can be realized.

therefore, because of the above two reasons, the industry BBS forum community is more targeted.

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