Rental housing has become a flashpoint for the rapid development of classified information websites

        compared with the 2007 property market unpopular sales scene, this year the real estate industry a lot of deserted, many real estate agents have also begun to reduce costs, some intermediary stores began to consider the move to the Internet, and strengthen the website cooperation; and ordinary consumers are willing to collect information on the Internet, enjoy free this service, so classified information website is convenient and economic form has been widely welcomed.

      housing transfers from stores to network

      the reporter saw a number of classified information website, the recent housing transfer information grow very rapidly, occupies the largest market share of the most prominent, the housing transfer information within an hour has released 34 pages of. Many homeowners to make their information more accessible to users to see as soon as possible, sold their property, have adopted the top service. The reporter to one of the top position post call, understand the real Mr. want to transfer to the price of 680 thousand, an area of 120 square meters of personal property, the property is located in Beijing Tongzhou Beiyuan, convenient transportation, luxury decoration, and give all the furniture and home appliances. A lot of people have called and come to see the house, the current intention of customers. Mr. Zhang told reporters that worried about lower prices, so early cash property.

      a large number of houses sold by sublet

      in the overall property market downturn, the volume also fell sharply, more homeowners have to choose by selling sublet. Reporters saw on, October housing rental information released daily average has reached about 27000. Compared with June, housing increased by 40%. the person in charge of the marketing department said: "the main reason for the formation of such a situation, in addition to the influence of real estate environment, the rapid increase in housing supply, but also because of the classified information website continues to improve, attracting more and more people choose to publish the network query, to further promote the the development of the website."

      glimpse a leopard and see the whole body, the rapid growth of housing rental information is classified information website in China broke out, the experts pointed out: "the recent Alexa Rankings, classified information website performance.

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