Pay attention to current affairs and seize traffic

as long as the station is to do, if you want to do a good job, you have to pay attention to the Internet, around the country, the surrounding some dynamic news, even if it is gossip, you have to understand, concern. It can be said that if a good webmaster, must master all aspects of knowledge, only in this way, your station can do well, traffic can go up.

I’m here today, if you’re interested in dynamic traffic. 5.12, Sichuan earthquake in Wenchuan, we first expressed regret. The amount of money that should be paid; the output of that effort. Should our webmaster do the station or the station?. I saw a lot of websites have also caught this hot spot, updated a lot of news and video about earthquake on own website.

today I observed, and also made a small test, in the afternoon on an article, in the evening Baidu included, ten minutes gave me a few hundred traffic.

what should we do,


first, pay attention to the news and report the things that others care about in time. As far as the earthquake is concerned, we need to know the latest casualties, so you can update it in time. For example, if you want to know how much money you donate, you can also update it in different grades. Also, we can update some of the donation address, materials, payment, and so on, it is better for our webmaster to do a special topic.

second, in fact, as long as the above point is enough, if faster flow, you can take your topic and title address to some post bar or space to send, so come faster.

third, how profitable?. Actually, I’m here to say that it’s wrong to make profits with an earthquake, but you can use profits to make donations. We hang CPM ads or public service ads on high traffic pages, encourage donations or sign up for something.

actually simple so much, as long as you care about, attentively, flow can come up.

finally, I hope you will actively publicize the positive news, not malicious reports.

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