There is no winter in this circle talking about the website of ups and downs

website station, mention these three words, what do you think of the first thing,


okay, 123? 265? 5566?


is a simple ah, let a person feel to look at, but the high flow to envy. Once hot everyone do web site, again and again become "bubble" field".

now searches web sites in Baidu for at least about eight million results, but how many really successful


so, in many web sites, a group of a number of webmaster chose to give up, "duplicate content, duplicate template, repeat promotion method" decided that most of the web site will be eliminated.

but is it really winter? The answer is no, just the opposite. I think the website is just beginning to spring, and this spring will last a long time.

in 2009, is a subdivision of such sites as the protagonist of the era, the door apartment layout cost to build up large comprehensive site is no longer favored.

then, the "professional web site" has the space to display itself.

we all know, 123 is a comprehensive web site navigation, classification, classification details, but if I want to find a topic or a certain category of more detailed web site, but can not find it, mainly in the game, enter the game after classification is nothing more than a little game based comprehensive so, do website, a game site navigation on the initiation of the idea.

below to my game site navigation station for friends to introduce the "professional website station" construction, maintenance and promotion.

1: site name and domain name selection

since it is game class, web site navigation, of course, to play based, so I chose the "steal play" Pinyin domain name, URL site name selection must be "convenient memory is greater than everything."".

2: website style and template design

the same page style, no one will remember you, so design a unique style is necessary. Of course, web site, concise beautiful, so beautiful at the same time, to ensure that the visitor is as seductive, after all to the URL of the inquiry, so be sure not to irritate the eyes. Add yourself to the design, there is no good idea, you can find professional web designers in the A5 forum for design. The complete set of templates for my station is designed by myself. You can contact me if you need help.

3: adding and organizing content

don’t on the Internet under a site program applied directly to the data in my website data are from the beginning of 0, a sort of add, this is done in order to ensure fully consistent with the theme of the site, there will not be any extra data or spam. At the same time, it’s good for SEO.

4: website maintenance and update >